Why would you want to be a member of Plett Ratepayers?

  • The Plett Ratepayers Association working committee has one person responsible for each portfolio covering all the departments in the Bitou Municipality.
  • We deal face to face with the Municipal Manager and the mayor at regular intervals to deal with major issues of concern.
  • We attend each Mayco and Council meeting and circulate all agenda’s and minutes for follow up.
  • We monitor Municipal budgets and income and expenditure by all departments and the Municipality as a whole.
  • We meet with Heads of Department to raise concerns on behalf of our members regularly.These meetings are minuted and follow up agreed.
  • Water consumption,quality of water,sewerage, effluent and electricity are reported on monthly.
  • Potholes, road repairs and related functions are dealt with daily or as the need dictates.
  • Any illegal activity with regard to new, or established buildings are followed up and in more than one instance we have pursued non-comforming owners through the legal process.
  • Waste and recycling have been of paramount importance in recent times and we have participated in all the developments leading to the closure of the waste dump.
  • Recycling remains a challenge but we have one dedicated person now lending emphasis to the improvement of this service.
  • We have been vigorous in supporting the Airport initiative and monitor this weekly again with a dedicated person.
  • We lead the campaign and the initial financing of the anti small boat harbour committee with considerable success.
  • The Bitou Municipality is one of the few Municipalities in South Africa that has received a clean audit.The chairman of the Audit committee regularly attends our monthly meetings.
  • We monitor the beaches in Plettenberg Bay and related refuse removal and general cleanliness every week and daily in the season.

These activities ensure that the Municipality cannot ignore any problem or potential problem without it being raised by us timeously. The relationship between ratepayers and the Municipality can be tense but with goodwill on both sides has resulted in a constructive working relationship.

Any constructive comments by our members will be dealt with immediately and a report back arranged. We believe that we make a difference and keep all who provide services to Ratepayers alive to our presence and our willingness to take issue with officials when and if necessary.


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A strong membership base is needed to ensure that standards in our town are upheld and improved. Your membership is critical if our voice is to be heard. The Association monitors Municipal activities and expenditure and keeps members informed of developments. So do join us today!


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