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Knysna Tourism closes its doors – ‘another bright idea that serves so few’

The board of directors of Knysna Tourism is saddened to advise its members and members of the public that it has decided to close the company’s offices with immediate effect. Knysna Tourism is registered as a non-profit company (NPC). It began as the Knysna Publicity Association, which was founded at a public meeting on 9

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Plett Municipality embroiled in multimillion-rand tender spat….will it ever end?

Events leading up to and subsequent to the Bitou Municipality Prepaid Meter crisis, weekend 1 July - 2018. There are currently an approximate 8000 prepaid electric meters in houses throughout the town, mainly in the informal settlement of Kwanokathula, New Horisons, Bossies Gif, Qolweni, and Kurland.. These meters are located in the houses together with

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Knysna Tourism awaits verdict on possible closure

The fate of Knysna Tourism is soon to be determined, as its offices were scheduled to close on Tuesday (July 31) as there is no Service Level Agreement (SLA) between Knysna Municipality and Knysna Tourism and, with it, the funding needed to continue operating as the region’s destination marketing body. Knysna Tourism Chairperson, Elmay Bouwer confirmed the

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