Plett Air Safaris flights – Urgent Notice

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August 13, 2018
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Plett Air Safaris flights – Urgent Notice

Hi everyone, I had a long evening thinking about the way forward and I made a decision regarding Plett Air Safaris flights between Plett and Cape Town. Currently our loads are very low where we sit with between 2-4 passengers on each sector which will never make it pay in anyone’s wildest dreams. I am burning R45,000 a day keeping the aircraft in the air and I have decided to suspend our services with immediate affect.

For today’s passengers I bought tickets on CemAir for them and all passengers from tomorrow on wards will be refunded immediately to allow them to make alternative arrangements. It is a sad day for me but I think the right move as I definitely do not want to sit with a situation where I dug myself a hole I cant get out of. Its a small town and we all know each other and before I get myself in a position where I really embarrass myself, we are stopping.

The embarrassment of stopping the services is far less than if I continued and eventually could not deliver anymore. We will however continue offering a full Private Charter Flight service as we always did, we are just stopping the Cape Town to Plettenberg Bay service. Once again thank you for those that supported me.

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