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Please don’t tell Cyril Ramaphosa we earn as much as him – Top Six Bitou Municipal Managers earn as much R3 million p/year

Bitou Captured - Top Six Municipal Managers earn as Much as Ramaphosa!!!!!!  The upper crust of the Bitou Municipality’s administration is made up of the Municipal Manager, the Chief Financial Officer and four Directors. They are not permanent employees but are employed on 5-year fixed term contacts. According to the municipality’s annual budget they

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R40 million slid through Bitou municipal coffers without any indication of where it was spent in the year-end financial statement

Where did the money go? The decrease in Bitou Municipality’s capital spending is extremely worrisome for Plett’s future. The following figures are from Bitou’s year-end financial statement and Multi-Year 2018/19 budget. Capital spending budgeted for last year and coming years: 2017/18     R 129 million (R 109 million actually spent) 2018/19     R   81 million (a decrease

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Plett Ratepayers Airport Report

There has been very little interest shown by the Council in getting anything sorted out with regard to airport matters, in the last few months. After giving Cemair notice that they intend putting the scheduled operation out to tender with other airlines, and effectively putting Cemair on a month to month basis, nothing has been

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Plett Ratepayers Crime Report

Report on Crime and Security August 2018 - David Hall-Green Year after year the majority of the issues relating to Crime and Security are the same, largely as a result of carelessness on the part of both residents and visitors.  Despite regular warnings and requests, post-crime investigations clearly indicate that the victims were in some way negligent,

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Plett Ratepayers Tourism Update

August 2018 Newsletter - Tourism Portfolio - Johnny Matthews Despite the stout efforts and hard work of Plett Tourism, it has been a difficult several months for the Plett Tourism Industry, with the Bitou Municipality endeavouring to effectively close down Plett Tourism in favour of taking Tourism "in House" and doing it themselves, by drawing

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Plett Ratepayers Waste Management Report

 Waste Management Report -August 2018   Landfill Site: The site continues to receive green waste and, during an inspection in July, a number of trucks containing green waste arrived on the site, indicating it remains very busy.  The trucks are being monitored and there was little visible evidence of domestic or builders’ waste having been

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Plett Ratepayers Electrical Power, Water and Waste Water Treatment Report

Electrical Power, Water and Waste Water Treatment Report – September 2018 POWER Since the last detailed report in December 2017, the infrastructure upgrade has continued apace. The main high voltage (HV) ring feed cables from Brakkloof substation (at the old waste tip) has been completed right up to substation SS7 (Total Garage) and energised. The

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Why is Utility World still being employed as a non-compliant tenderer?

‘Once again, the Plett Ratepayers are not afraid to act as the tip of the spear in a battle for our civic rights’ The Bitou Municipality posted on 16th August 20l8 The Bitou Municipality acknowledges that we operate in on environment where corruption and maladministration is rife. The Municipality also welcomes individuals and organizations like the Plett

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