Plett Ratepayers Waste Management Report

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September 7, 2018
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September 7, 2018

Plett Ratepayers Waste Management Report

 Waste Management Report -August 2018


  1. Landfill Site: The site continues to receive green waste and, during an inspection in July, a number of trucks containing green waste arrived on the site, indicating it remains very busy.  The trucks are being monitored and there was little visible evidence of domestic or builders’ waste having been delivered to the site recently.  The height of the site continues to increase and the available deposition space is decreasing.  The catchment dam levels were low and there was no evidence of seepage from the dams.  The site is now closed and locked over weekends and its general appearance remained satisfactory.  Approval of the site closure plan has been obtained from the Department of Water Affairs and it is expected that full closure of the site will be completed by the third quarter of 2019.
  2. Builders’ Rubble: This is being trucked to the KK Sands Quarry at Harkerville, which now has a licence to accept this material. Bitou are preparing tender documents for a permanent disposal contract for the builders’ rubble.
  3. Waste Transfer Station: This was inspected during July and was generally in a satisfactory condition. There was no accumulation of waste in the compacting area and the ‘bulky waste’, which had accumulated on the site over the previous two years, had decreased significantly as a result of a concerted effort to truck the material to Oudtshoorn for disposal.  This, in turn, will free up the space at the Transfer Station originally provided for composting of green waste.
  4. Drop-Off Sites: Ground breaking for the first site, adjacent to Old Nick, has started and the Municipal Budget for 2018/9 includes R2 million for this. The planned Kurland Drop-Off site will be moved to a location close to the waste swap shop.  A suitable site for both drop-off and recycling has been identified in Kranshoek.
  5. Waste Collection: Compactor truck availability remains a problem because of maintenance issues, but waste collection generally appears to be keeping up with the rate of generation of waste.
  6. Animal Carcases: The Municipality have purchased two freezers for storing animal carcases, prior to transporting them to George for disposal, in order to relieve the pressure on PAWS and the vets.
  7. Regional Landfill Site: Progress has been satisfactory and National Treasury has given its approval for the required capital expenditure. A preferred bidder for the construction and operation of the site has been identified and final contract negotiations with them are in progress.  Current plans are for the site to be in operation by August 2019.
  8. Recycling: The recent riots in the Industrial Area disrupted recycling operations. However, the recycling contractor continues to operate.  Their contract was due to expire at the end of June but has been extended to allow for the issuing of new tender documents, and the awarding of a new tender.
  9. Waste Minimisation: Aurecon have presented a combined action plan for waste minimisation by all Eden District Municipalities and this is to be discussed further by the various municipalities.
  10. Illegal Dumping: This continues to be a problem throughout the Bitou Municipality, and clearing these illegal dump sites is estimated to cost around R200000 per month, which is a significant cost to ratepayers, who need to be made aware of this.

Waste by Peter Gaylard

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