HOW DEEP IS THE ROT- Bitou Municipality officials bloated salaries and No Lifeguards in sight

Please don’t tell Cyril Ramaphosa we earn as much as him – Top Six Bitou Municipal Managers earn as much R3 million p/year
September 24, 2018
October 17, 2018

HOW DEEP IS THE ROT- Bitou Municipality officials bloated salaries and No Lifeguards in sight

The weather yesterday (30th September) was truly glorious and all citizens of Plettenberg  Bay wanted to let their hair down and enjoy the sun and surf.

Sadly amidst the packed fun seeking  beach goers  there was a sense of chaos  with  no visible beach patrols or Lifeguards in sight.Reports started filtering in about people drinking, littering, and behaving dangerously in the  surf. Tourists complained about losing their items as thieves seemed to have  a field day. The brave NSRI boys launched as the siren went off  with onlookers almost shocked when asked to get out of the way of the launching boat. Toilets were packed and disgusting with  many intoxicated people showed no dignity and  bathing half naked sometimes  exposing themselves in the ocean.

The same chaotic behaviour permeated at  the Spar Melville’s Corner as locals pushed to get there last bottle of alcohol  for the day. This type of overload is dangerous and without proper support services can be tragic.

There is a clear eye being cast on the Bitou Municipality and more so the recent reports of bloated salaries and no delivery.

Surely the lives of our citizens are worth more than a Municipal managers inflated pension funds and car alloances.

How deep is the rot that we cannot provide lifeguards for our citizens on these  blue flag beaches?

The Ratepayers continues to question and challenges the local municipality on  service delivery issues and bloated salaries.

The Ratepayers more now need your help to avoid disasters as the season approaches.

We are getting behind Marius Venter and his team to  help raise  the money needed to support this service amidst the shocking lack of delivery by the very organisation we pay rates and taxes for.

Dear Mr. Prince,
We would like to inform you that we as the community want to, on an urgent basis get funds together to sponsor 6 lifeguards after the disastrous weekend on our beaches! So many people in Plett called me and said ”Marius do something please” It was shocking to see 1 death, 1 critical, 2 people saved with CPR, 3 incidents on the main beach and Robberg with rip currents, Liquor being consumed on the beach, Dagga being smoked! We had no Lifesavers, no law enforcement, no police no cleaners! Just shocking !!
After speaking to Chaz he said that each lifeguard must get R280 per day and we are looking to put lifeguards on the main beach, Robberg, and lookout.May I please request urgent attention to this letter and also ask if Bitou can assist us with funding for the next 7 days.
I trust you find this email in good order.
Marius Venter

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