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This NYE the Garden Route will be host to Arkology

Arkology In Eden (NYE) Event Date: 31 December, 2018 Dust off your year! This NYE the Garden Route will be host to Arkology – a collective of designers, craftsmen, musicians & visual artists who play at the intersection of art, technology & sustainability. We will be bringing the desert magic back from The Watering Hole

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NATIONAL SEA RESCUE INSTITUTE (NSRI) MEDIA RELEASE: SEA RESCUE – NATIONAL – Tuesday, 11th December. Summer Safety 2018/2019: NSRI’s safety tips for the Summer holidays NSRI wish everyone a safe summer vacation and we urge the public to adopt a safety conscious mindset around coastal and inland waters. Our rule number one, for a safe experience

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Plett Ratepayers Portfolio Reports

AIRPORT PORTFOLIO REPORT FOR PLETT RATEPAYERS ASSOCIATION - DECEMBER 2018 Since the last newsletter of Aug 2018, there is very little positive to report.  The proposed tender process, which was passed by a Council resolution earlier in the year and aimed at getting interested airlines to tender for the Plett route, has never got off

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A Year of courage and conviction in the face of brazen corruption – Chairman’s Year-end Message

You will have noticed a new direction in our communications -- we no longer report the way we did in the past. We have, in the past, been a reporter of events.  We have observed from the sidelines.  It was possible in the past to do so by having cordial relations with the municipal senior

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Plett Alert: Summer Concert 150 000 attendees promised…’Unsolicited Festivals the new cash-cow’

Forget About the Economy, It’s All About the Parties, Stupid. We are deeply concerned by what can only be described as reckless and irresponsible expenditure of municipal funds on a succession of festivals and parties. We have already given you some information on the flopped so-called Gospel Festivals held over the past 4 years

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The longer one lives in Plett and the more one becomes aware of the goings-on in Sewell Crescent, the more one finds oneself thinking of Alice’s Wonderland. “Why, sometimes I've believed as many as six impossible things before breakfast.” Alice said. And so too, it goes here in Plett. For a number of years

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