Plett Ratepayers Association Power and Water Report – Wed. 6th February 2019

Plett Ratepayers Association Waste Management Report 6th February 2019
February 11, 2019
February 11, 2019

Plett Ratepayers Association Power and Water Report – Wed. 6th February 2019


  1. Due to the handover from previous Electrical Engineer, Peter Harpstad (PH), at end September 2018 very little has been done on the various items on which I reported in November 2018. This is also partly due to various open contracts having ended at that time. Cupido (new Electrical Eng.) has now renewed several of these contracts for labour and material items that can be drawn on on an as-and-when basis. Cuoido has also revised his priority list of projects to be done (order shown below) which will result in a number of the PH projects being put on hold or moved down the priority list!

Priority projects.

  1. Bossiesgif and Quolweni electrical supply. All low voltage installations.
  2. Poortjies overhead lines to be changed to underground cables. Material is in stores.
  3. New Horisons sportsfield lights.
  4. Magistrates Court substation switchgear to be installed. Material on site. Labour contract for subcontract installation closing now and to be awarded soon.
  5. SS4 (Beacon Way near Market Sq.) switchgear to be installed. Switchgear on site.
  6. SS7 (Total garage) switchgear to be installed
  7. . Material on site.

Prepaid meter installation in Kwanokathula/Bossiesgif/Quolweni is an ongoing exercise. These new meters are now on top of the supply poles preventing the consumers from bypassing meters and obtaining power illegally.

Street light repair still not up and running. New “cherry picker “ truck on site and working but original one now U/S.

As a result of above reprogramming, all work on completion on the ring main feeder cabling is now in abeyance (i.e. from SS7 up hill to SS2 (Taxi Rank), SS4 to SS2 up Beacon Way now only partially laid, and the completion of the dual cable from Plett Primary to the Keurbooms switch station). This is short-sighted, but we will pursue this matter.


  1. Keurbooms flow is still not able to be measured due to ongoing work on it by DWS. Work due for completion May 2019. However, flow is satisfactory due to intermittent rains.
  2. Keurbooms water draw is eased by water from Desal Plant (2 Ml/day) and borehole at treatment plant (1.1 Ml/day).
  3. Replacement of all a/c (asbestos cement/fibre cement) pipes in Natures Valley now complete. The a/c pipe replacement programme for the entire Plett is ongoing and will continue as such. Poortjies will be the next area to have the a/c piping replaced and will start at the beginning of this coming financial year.
  4. Future water possibilities:-
  5. Total borehole yield could be 5 Ml/day when all boreholes commissioned (Kwano, Golf Course and Treatment Plant, and Uplands holes).
  6. Upgrade Desal Plant or construct a new plant with intake direct from ocean.
  7. Reposition Wadrift Dam to one of the other 2 sites located at the time of the current site investigation.

Smell at Goose Valley due to sewer manholes being purposefully blocked in Bossiesgif and sewerage overflowing into the natural water course eventually flowing to Goose valley. Area now being patrolled daily.

Kranshoek water and sewer pipe construction still in progress.

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