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October 30, 2021
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November 6, 2021

The People Have Spoken

Dear Members,

We would like to share the following Bitou election results with you as supplied by the IEC.  The DA lost about 18% of its support in Bitou, similar to national averages, while the ANC lost about 37% of its support, significantly more than the national average.  Bitou council comprises 13 councillors.

The DA garnered 40.36% of the vote which gave them five seats, down from six in the last term.

The ANC fared no better.  They garnered 29.09%, losing two seats, and now only have 4 seats on council.

The AUF (Active United Front) retained its seat, growing to 9.03% from their 2016 result of 5.35%.  The candidate at the top of their list is Mavis Busakwe.

New kids on the block Plett Democratic Congress (PDC) took a ward seat off the DA (New Horizons) with a maiden score of 6.51%.  Their representative is Claude Terblanche.

The Patriotic Alliance garnered 5.72%, up from 0.12% in 2016.  Their PR representative is Michele Botha.

The Ikhwezi Political Movement, also new kids on the block, with a maiden score of 3.2%, earned them the 13th seat on council, represented by Noksie Kolwapi.

The DA does not have enough seats to form the majority and will need to draw at last two of the four smaller parties into its fold to do so.  The ANC, with four seats, will need three coalition partners for a majority position.

Kind regards,
Peter Gaylard