Membership Appeal

Dear Members,

The Plett Ratepayers Association is committed to protecting the interests of all residents of Bitou. Your mandate to us is oversight of municipal affairs, to ensure efficient service delivery and strict financial controls over the use of your rates and service fees.

In addition to existing legal cases, we are currently fighting for your rights on many fronts;

  • for fair rates and service tariffs which are under threat from expensive loans and an inability of the municipality to effect necessary cost reductions.
  • Against misuse of funds and prevalence of unauthorized, wasteful and irregular expenditure
  • protection of our public open spaces.
  • addressing water restrictions driven by equipment breakdowns and poor maintenance.

Your membership and annual fee of R600.00 is critical for two reasons; firstly, so that we are representative of a broader base of constituents and, secondly and more importantly, to fund legal recourse.

Without legal recourse, we have no teeth. Without your membership fees we cannot fulfill our promise to you.

If you are a paid-up member, thank you for your support. We would very much appreciate your help in forwarding this note to as many of your friends and family who also have the future of Plett at heart.

To join please go to WWW.PLETTRATEPAYERS.CO.ZA, OR send your details to and we will sign you up.


Steve Pattinson