Grant-in-Aid Reports

Dear Speaker Wildeman, Subsequent to our letter dated 22 March 2021, we received the attached two documents from Councillor Swart. However, the attached documents, authored by the Municipal Manager and Mayor’s Office Manager do not align with the Grants-in-Aid expenditure reported in the 2019/20 Draft Annual Report and appear to be incomplete. Grants-in-Aid Expenditure by […]

Grants-in-Aid Report

Dear Members, The policy for the Mayor’s Grants-in-Aid Fund says “the mayor must report to council on an annual basis in respect of the status of the Fund including amounts withdrawn, and the names of the beneficiaries. Any donations received must also be reported.” We do not recall seeing a report on this fund, nor […]

Ratepayers Association Submission for 2020-2021 IDP

Dear Members, We recently asked our members for input for the Integrated Development Plan which guides the municipal budget for the following year. Your response was tremendous and we thank all who submitted ideas.  Attached is Oliver Rissik’s submission sent to the municipality. Now it is in the hands of the councillors to lobby, workshop […]

Letter to Auditor-General

Ms. Anette Krieg Manager, Western Cape Auditor-General South Africa Dear Ms Krieg, The financial management of Bitou Municipality remains of HUGE concern to us as you will know from our annual submissions to you over the past several years.   MPAC is totally dysfunctional and is unlikely to deal with these matters as it should.  In order […]

Legal Services – Potential Irregular Expenditure

14 July 2020 Dear Municipal Manager, We noted in the Potential Irregular Expenditure Report tabled on 30 June 2020, that over R2 million of legal services was raised as possibly irregular in the January – March 2020 period. The law firms are listed below. Will you please: provide details of what legal matters each of these […]