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Tampering with tourism could spell disaster for Plettenberg Bay

A controversial new proposed tourism bylaw by the Bitou Municipality has left Plettenberg Bay residents and tourism stakeholders hot under the collar, sparking fears of a possible tourism downturn in the near future. Source: Knysna Plett Harald News The bylaw seemingly proposes that the tourism function become an in-house endeavour and is currently open for

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Bond Approval Statistics on the Rise

With VAT increases and generally soaring prices taking their toll on South African pockets, it's no wonder most people have been buckling up for tough financial times ahead. The cost of living is certainly climbing, but as it turns out, it's not all doom and gloom on the horizon. According to Mark Hendricks, regional manager

Boating Rules on the Rivers of Bitou

IMPORTANT NEW RULES – BOATING ON THE RIVERS IN PLETT Greetings, welcome and we wish you a very happy holiday and safe times on the rivers of Bitou. A few updates for those purchasing a permit for their boat from Cape Nature. In December 2015 the Bitou River Bylaw was published after intensive consultation. Key

Electricity Saving Tips in Bitou

TO ALL BITOU RESIDENTS AND VISITORS EFFICIENT POWER USAGE FOR THE SEASON 2016 The town is already in its December holiday season. Load shedding has been postponed for a while but the power situation needs to be continuously managed due to the expected tourists and non-resident home-owner influx. Residents are encouraged to continue with the ‘good electricity

Plett Tourism needs your help! Oppose the tourism bylaw…

Bitou Municipality in Plettenberg Bay has given notice that they intend to adopt their proposed tourism bylaw – a document which has had no input from Plett Tourism, the Plett Accommodation Association or any of the affected tourism parties. Click here to read the official Draft of the Plett Tourism ByLaw and read the notice in last

Plett Tourism, Ocean Blue & Jukani host 11 tour agents from UK 

In collaboration with Wesgro, SA Tourism (SAT) and the GR&KK offices, Plett Tourism Association, Ocean Blue Adventures and Jukani Wildlife Sanctuary hosted 11 of the top travel agents from the United Kingdom on the 15th of June, 2018. Their local experience included a guided marine safari with Ocean Blue Adventures. The day was slightly overcast and