Portfolio Reports

July 17, 2021

Service Delivery Update

One of the activities of the Plett Ratepayers and Residents’ Association is to monitor the service delivery, maintenance, upgrading and forward planning of Bitou municipal services
January 2, 2021

Airport Report – Mike Pearce

The year started with several issues outstanding from 2019.  The Airport forum, consisting of the Council and interested stakeholders, has still not got off the ground. 
January 2, 2021

Power and Water Reports – Oliver Rissik

Water. Due to recent good rains during August and September, the current water situation in Bitou is stable. However, shortly before the rains, phase 1 water restrictions
January 2, 2021

Municipal Matters & Town Planning – Len Swimmer

The RPA’s function relating to town planning and development, and the parameters to which the RPA must confine itself, is an oversight responsibility. Our responsibility concerning
January 2, 2021

Council and Litigation Report – Debi Nicholson

The Ratepayers’ Association’s shift of focus to ensuring good governance has gathered momentum in the past year.  Bad governance on the part of Council and mismanagement
December 30, 2020

Roads Report – Peter Pyke

This portfolio was taken up in June 2020 having been vacant. Your PBRRA intends to monitor Supply Chain Management tenders in future to see who the
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