Portfolio Reports

December 9, 2021

Wastewater Collection, Treatment & Disposal Facilities – Bill Alexander

INTRODUCTION I took over the oversight of the Waste Water Treatment and Disposal Facilities from Oliver Rissik in May of this year. I wish to thank
December 9, 2021

Pro-Action Committee Report 2021 – Len Swimmer

Last February, a sub-committee called Pro-Action was established within the Ratepayers’ Association to fast-track specific projects. The two primary projects tackled during this term were: Supporter
December 9, 2021

Council Oversight Report 2021 – Debi Nicholson

Breakdown of Bitou governance and democracy. Governance in Bitou once again went from bad to worse collapsing completely after April 2021 when both parties with great
December 9, 2021

Roads Report 2021 – Christo Vlok

Generally the roads in Plett are in reasonable condition and there is a plan in place for resurfacing, although a very low budget has been allowed
December 9, 2021

Waste Collection, Handling and Disposal Facilities Report 2021 – Bill Alexander

INTRODUCTION I took over the oversight of the Solid Waste Collection and Disposal Facilities from Peter Gaylard in May of this year.  I wish to thank
December 9, 2021

Water Report 2021 – Peter Pyke

The water catchments serving the Plett area seem to have escaped the severe drought being experienced inland and in the Eastern Cape. Rainfall has been sufficient to keep
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