Appointment of Municipal Manager Memani

Dear Members, Mayor Swart announced the appointment of Mr. Mbulelo Memani as Bitou Municipal Manager on 17 March.  In spite of Mr. Memani making disclosures of pending corruption charges in Knysna during the interview, Councillors Swart and Nel, as part of the selection committee, were satisfied and nominated him anyway.  Mr. Memani is due to […]

Letter to Auditor-General

Ms. Anette Krieg Manager, Western Cape Auditor-General South Africa Dear Ms Krieg, The financial management of Bitou Municipality remains of HUGE concern to us as you will know from our annual submissions to you over the past several years.   MPAC is totally dysfunctional and is unlikely to deal with these matters as it should.  In order […]

Request to Simplify Financial Reporting

15 November 2020 Minister David Maynier Ministry of Finance and Economic Opportunities Western Cape Government   Dear Minister Maynier, May we ask you to consider an initiative to simplify municipal financial reporting? As you know, municipalities are failing at managing their finances.  There is a shortage of qualified CFOs, and to hire financial consultants to […]

Management of Housing Lists

12 July 2019 Department of Human Settlements Western Cape Government Dear Minister Simmers, We would like to propose a solution to the RDP housing list problem and the ongoing mistrust of the system.   We think there are three fundamental problems: the human element, lack of communication, and a system that is subject to human interference. […]

Letter to Minister of Sport and Cultural Affairs 

11 June 2019 Minister of Sport and Cultural Affairs Western Cape Province Dear Minister Marais, We are somewhat concerned about what, to us, seems to be extravagant and ill considered expenditure on sports facilities by Bitou Municipality. For example, Province’s original allocation in 2017/18 for the New Horizons sports field upgrade was R4.3 million, but […]