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It was reported in the Knysna-Plett Herald on 5 March 2020 that Knysna's Municipal Manager and directors granted themselves a "scarce skills allowance" of R1.4 million pa. This resulted in legal action after Western Cape Local Government MEC Bredell "turned to the high court to compel the municipality to scrap the policy and recover

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Short changing purchasers of electricity

13 March 2020  Dear Mayor Lobese,   On 4 March the KwaNokuthula community staged a protest march over the Municipality’s failure to credit purchasers of pre-paid electricity with their full amount.    In law, they have every right to object to the way they are being treated.  The contending positions are set out in the CXpress

Draft 2018/19 Annual Report Oversight Report

The Association's Oversight Report for the Draft Annual Report has been submitted to the Bitou Municipal Manager, Western Cape Minister of Finance, and Auditor-General. Date: 23 February 2020 Dear Sir, It is our understanding that the purpose of the annual report process is to report on the executive management  of the municipality by producing an

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The generous heart of Peter Lobese, the Bitou Mayor, extended way beyond the beneficiaries of his Grants-In-Aid handouts. When Lobese took up office, he issued a directive that seven people nominated by him should be employed in his department (Office of the Executive Mayor). Initially they were recruited on a temporary basis but eventually all but one (who apparently fell out with the Mayor) became

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People who peddle clichés like to say that a fish rots from the head down. Why this should be so is never explained, but too bad. The metaphor serves us well enough when we consider how Bitou is faring.  Peter Lobese, our Executive Mayor is at the head of the municipality.  He is no mere figurehead, but effectively

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You have the right to know – and we propose to tell you!

A year after it was presented, the forensic report into ‘serious allegations’ of misconduct and maladministration within Bitou, commissioned by the MEC (Min Bredell), is in our hands. The battle to get it, prolonged and sometimes acrimonious, is the subject of our recent report to you (see "Ratepayers' Report on Failures of Governance within

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Vote of No Confidence in Mayor Lobese

15 February 2020 Dear Councillors, In light of revelations and evidence contained in MEC Bredell's report, it is now impossible for any thinking person to have confidence in the leadership, abilities and suitability of Peter Lobese to hold the position of executive mayor. Under these circumstances, and we think we speak for the vast

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