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Poor oversight leaves communities in the dark…Only 7% of our country’s municipalities are functional…..!

This following  article explains  exactly what we are sitting with in Plettenberg Bay.   This is why we have changed tack and why the Ratepayers Association has to do what it is now doing....trying to establish accountability.  Once we get that right, the rest will follow.  Once people get fired for wasting money, it

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Waste Management Report 1st May 2019

Waste Management Report 1st May 2019 Landfill Site: The site remained closed during the month and work on repairing the boundary fences was completed. Aurecon are finalising the specifications for the closure plan, in consultation with the municipality and have prepared two cost estimates for the work, varying between R28 million and R31,7 million, depending

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Pietermaritzburg has recently been put under Administration by the MEC of Kwa-Zulu Natal

25 April 2019 We read with interest that Pietermaritzburg has recently been put under Administration by the MEC of Kwa-Zulu Natal.     The litany of wrong doing, MEC Nomusa Dube-Ncube is tackling head-on in ‘Maritzburg is almost identical to the situation in Plett and bears repeating; “unauthorised expenditure”, “failed to institute consequence management measures for

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‘Plett…. stop moaning about all this waste piling up..I have to focus on the Mayoral Golf Day”

Dear Municipal Manager, I am shocked at the physical condition of the Waste Transfer Station with piles of domestic waste accumulating everywhere.  I am told equipment availability is the problem and a shortage of funds has made the Waste Department unable to hire a front end loader and chipper to handle the green waste.

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Municipality squanders hard earned taxes, whilst residents watch the ‘trash pile higher and higher’

In this day and age, one must guard equally against information overload and over-sharing, depending on which end of the information stream you find yourself. This is especially so when it comes to the nastier parts of our existence as human beings, such as sewage and waste disposal. It is far more comfortable to

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Erf 4367, Bowtie Drive…Ratepayers secure Victory

11 April 2019 As previously reported, the Bitou Municipal Planning Tribunal Meeting was held Wednesday, 10 April to consider the proposed “rezoning, subdivision and departures for Erf 4367, Bowtie Drive,” (between Shell Ultra-City and Santini Village).  The tribunal consisted of Ludolph Gericke (chairman), Perino Pama and Rudi Martin.   The proposed project, in response

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Where Have All The Good People Gone?

Bitou Council decisions taken on your behalf: Risk Assessment  A  "Risk Management Committee Mid-Year Report for the Six Months ending 31 Dec. 18" was tabled in council which said: Risk:  Ineffective response to severe storms and fire disasters. Mitigation:  3 new SUVs have been purchased. How does purchasing three brand new SUVs help Bitou's response time?  The

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A Call to Responsible Planning….or not?

Plett Ratepayers’ EXCO member Christo Vlok prepared the following report in May 2017 in response to a council proposal to build low-cost township housing on ERF 4367 located between Shell Ultra-City and  Santini Village.  The project is again being proposed by Bitou Council and a Municipal Planning Tribunal meeting has been scheduled for 10 April 2019.  Plett

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‘Clarity on withholding your Rates and Taxes’……at your Peril’

People who are frustrated with lack of service delivery and reports of corruption are asking if they can stop paying their rates and taxes to the municipality and create a trust fund for this purpose.   Please be aware that withholding payment is not lawful according to the Constitutional Court and the municipality can

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