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Agreement entered into between the Bitou Municipality and Ngoqo was found to be unlawful’

The appointment of the Bitou Municipal Manager Lonwabo Ngoqo has been reviewed and set aside by the Cape Labour Court. In February 2019, former municipal manager Lonwabo Ngoqo, previously found guilty of gross financial mismanagement in Bitou, was approved for reappointment by the mayor and ANC councilors. Ngoqo served as municipal manager from 2008-2012,

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Plettenberg Bay Ratepayers Association is shocked to discover that a contract to supply fuel to the municipality at the airport is being negotiated with the company EML Energy which was recently fingered in the Zondo Commission hearings into State Capture. In late June SAA head of fuel management, Mark Vaughan testified that EML Energy

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Bitou 2019/2020 Budget Review – we need your membership fees to continue the good fight

The Bitou 2019/2020 budget was passed in council and was effective 1 July 2019.  It passed unanimously. That council would approve a budget that calls for a R46 million decrease (R130 million to R84 million) in capital expenditure is shocking and worrisome.  We have an aging infrastructure and pending lack of capacity due to massive growth

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Management of Housing Lists

12 July 2019 Department of Human Settlements Western Cape Government Dear Minister Simmers, We would like to propose a solution to the RDP housing list problem and the ongoing mistrust of the system.   We think there are three fundamental problems: the human element, lack of communication, and a system that is subject to human

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Update on Plett Protests

Ratepayers Association chairman, Neville Petersen has spent many hours in the last two days talking to political activists and community leaders to determine the underlying reasons for the political unrest.  No one is willing or able to come forward with a reason behind the protest. Some claim they want a change of councillors but

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Plett Ratepayers chairman Neville Petersen in discussion with Premier Winde

We had a serious protest action in Plettenberg Bay yesterday which closed the N2, and although the SAPS were on hand, their lack of police intervention is a deep concern to residents and business owners, as well as all ratepayers.  Protests on the N2 prevented workers going to work, businesses were closed, protests turned into

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Auditor-general reveals shocking state of South Africa’s municipalities

Auditor-general (AG), Kimi Makwetu, has released the latest municipal audit results, showing an overall decline for the 2017-18 financial year. Makwetu said these deteriorating audit outcomes shows that various local government role players have been slow in implementing, and in many instances even disregarded, the audit office’s recommendations. As a result, the accountability for financial

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