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Request to Resign

15 February 2020 Dear Mayor Lobese, In light of revelations and evidence contained in MEC Bredell's report, it is now impossible for any thinking person to have confidence in your leadership, abilities and suitability as executive mayor. It is evident that you have breached your oath of office to uphold the law and always act

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Ratepayers’ Report on Failures of Governance within Bitou Municipality

REPORT ON FAILURES OF GOVERNANCE WITHIN BITOU MUNICIPALITY  SUBMITTED TO MEC BREDELL BY THE PLETTENBERG BAY RATEPAYERS’ AND RESIDENTS’ ASSOCIATION 14 February 2020 Executive Summary The Plettenberg Bay Ratepayers and Residents Association operates as an independent entity within the Bitou Municipality.  It endeavours proactively to promote the welfare of ratepayers and residents irrespective

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MEC Bredell kept us, all of us, in the dark for nearly a year.

Dear Members, MEC Bredell kept us, all of us, in the dark for nearly a year. Under sustained pressure from us, he eventually buckled, and has revealed the forensic report his Department commissioned. Now there is much fluttering in the dovecots. Just a quick scan of the report and a superficial consideration of the wider

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Bitou Forensic report finally received – Our persistence has paid off

The Plettenberg Bay Ratepayers' Association is pleased to announce that our almost year-long dogged persistence in the face of evasiveness, stonewalling and ducking-and-diving of monumental proportions, has resulted in MEC Bredell finally releasing the forensic report we have been asking for.  Finally, he is complying with the Constitutional imperatives of government that requires it to

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