The drop that makes a vase overflow….the great Chlorine debate

Water purification is a complex process which ends in disinfection to kill any remaining pathogens and to make the water safe for human consumption. The disinfection process continues in the pipe network and should still be detectable at the tap of the consumer.   A taste or smell of chlorine is actually the best guarantee the consumer has that the water is safe and with all the pipe breaks in Plett’s water system, a little extra chlorine is preferred.  To remove the taste of chlorine, just decant the water into a jug and let stand for an hour or two (the taste/smell disappears naturally on its own).

Bitou has enjoyed a high standard of both Potable Water and Effluent Water Treatment as illustrated by the Blue Drop/Green Drop ratings by the Department of Water and Sanitation. Unfortunately this excellent program to encourage compliance with standards was dropped as the majority of municipalities received such poor ratings.  Bitou was the exception and we hope our Bitou staff are able to maintain their proud record so we are able to continue safely drinking our tap water while many other places must rely on sometimes poorer quality bottled water.

Peter Pyke, Pr Eng

Plett Ratepayers Association

Plettenberg Bay

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