Response From – Supporters of the Plett Ratepayers’ and Residents’ Association

Please see a number of responses from our recent request for input:


Dear Mr Gaylard

You and your colleagues do an excellent job representing us all in a very nasty situation.

I applaud you.

I suggest you BOTH increase your usual annual subs AND open the Supporters group.

As a resident I am so grateful for all your work and hate to think of how things would be if you were not there!

You need to have the resources to cover your costs – I would support an increase in your annual fees to achieve trhis

We support the proposal and if it is accepted we will encourage our maid to become a supporter.

Firstly thank you so much for your persistence and thoroughness in dealing with matters on our behalf.

I have a gut-feel that there is a high degree of apathy amongst Plett property owners and ratepayers who simply do not become members of the association. I have personally tried to persuade a number of residents to become members and pay the reduced R 600 per year fee. They simply do not see the benefit of a strong association.

With regard to your proposal to have a two-tier membership arrangement, I think it is a good idea to get the moral support of a lot of people – people who need to understand that what is going on is not for their good at all and as a consequence use their vote to get a change to come about – so support the proposal wholeheartedly.

I was at the meeting when it was proposed to ratchet the membership fee up to R 1 200 per year. It was with some surprise that I note that this put people off and they resigned from the association – how short-sighted!

You guys do a great job and I would happily support this initiative


This is a good idea.

Has it been done anywhere else?

It is well worth trying  especially  to give everyone the  correct facts but how will support groups be informed?

Good morning, Peter,

I fully support this move.  It’s a brilliant idea.  I’ve often thought that the majority of Plett’s residents are unaware of the corruption in the municipality and this is an excellent way of spreading the news.

I hope you get all the support you need.

To quote you, Peter, “Aluta continua” and, hopefully, “Vitoria é certa.”

Keep up the good work.

This is a great idea.

We need the entire community behind the effort to create honest and accountable local government

Hi Peter

The idea of a “Supporters membership” to increase the numbers of townsfolk who will be made aware of what the PBRA is doing in an attempt to provide oversight of the corrupt activities of the Bitou Municipality has merit.

The more support you have the stronger the oversight becomes. Although they will have no voting right they must be made aware that there input will be recognised if it had merit.

I would support your idea.

As a member I think what you are proposing is a brilliant idea and the only way we are ever going to change the situation here in Bitou is if we can have more voices to be heard.

So I support your suggestions.

Hope it all goes well.

Hi there Peter,

Great idea ,I fully support your initiative,more people need to know about the wonderful work you are doing to keep the municipality on its toes and to keep us informed.


Good day Peter,

An excellent idea which I fully support, but there are many residents that can afford membership and complain but don’t want to join. I have been sending your emails to some of those in a hope that your efforts are known to them thus encouraging them to become members.

I thank you for your work which is much appreciated.

Kind regards,

Good day

I would like to give my support to this.

Thanking you for all your hard work to help to save our beautiful Plett from going to rack and ruin.

Best wishes with all your endevours and effort.