Please Lend Us Your Support For The Following Proposal

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September 3, 2021
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September 6, 2021

Please Lend Us Your Support For The Following Proposal

Dear Members,

The enthusiastic response we received to our circular “Seeking advice for an affiliation of Supporter of the PBRRA” was overwhelming and we thank everyone for your positive replies and helpful comments.

As was said repeatedly by our members, we need to work together as a community to have a stronger voice, whether interacting with our local, provincial, or national government,  or in court.  We need an expanded support base, representing ALL communities of Bitou, to further our aim of clean governance.  We are not a charity; our role is oversight to ensure ratepayers’ funds are properly spent and money which should be spent on service delivery and the poor is done so efficiently and cost-effectively.

The proposal to add Supporters requires an approval from at least 50 members.

Proposal:The information we have and corruption we pursue is in the interest of ALL residents and should be available to everyone. Therefore, the Plettenberg Bay Ratepayers’ and Residents’ Association proposes to eststablish two levels of affiliation:  “Full Members” and “Supporters of the PBRRA.”    The Supporters will not have to pay, although they can make a small donation if they like.  They will receive all the communications that Members receive, but have no voting rights.

Please respond with your approval or disapproval by 17 September. 

Once the proposal is adopted, we will advise you of the launch date so you can help us spread the word to your family and friends, staff, and organizations in which you belong.

Again, thank you for your ongoing support.

Kind regards,

Peter Gaylard