Voter Pamphlet To Introduce All Candidates

The Plett Ratepayers’ Association is preparing a voter pamphlet to introduce all the candidates to our members prior to the election.  Hopefully all the parties will respond; if not, they miss out on the opportunity and voters may draw adverse conclusions.  The letter is below:

Dear (political party),

The Plett Ratepayers’ Association would like to introduce your council candidates to the voters of Bitou, with information about the individual candidates and their party.  The intent is to educate voters about who their candidates are and help them to make well-informed decisions on who can best run our town.  We intend to invite all the independents and political parties to participate.

We would be interested in hearing about your returning councillors and new candidates.   Here are suggested questions:

  • What are your candidates’ names and which wards are they standing in?  Please also introduce your PR candidates. If you want to add their age or education, feel free.
  • How long have your candidates lived in Plett?  What civic or community activities have they been involved in?  Why do they think they are qualified to represent their ward and run our town?
  • What is their plan for economic development and creating jobs?   What is their position on infrastructure maintenance? What are their priorities?
  • What is your party’s political philosophy? Do you have a manifesto you can give us?
  • What do your candidates have planned for Plett in short term and long term?
  • What do they see Local Government’s role to be? (service delivery, building houses, economic development or what?)
  • What are they going to do about corruption and the people involved?

These questions are a guide — feel free to add other information you want the voters to know about your political party, your accomplishments during the last term, and your candidates.

Please provide the profiles on your candidates, and a photo if possible, by Wednesday the 22nd of September.

Kind regards,
Peter Gaylard