Plett’s Xenophobia

An article published in the Daily Maverick several days ago (link below) shows that xenophobia, and the vigilantism that inevitably accompanies it, are now widespread in Plettenberg Bay.  The article shows that immigrants are being driven from their homes by community members with pepper spray, carrying sticks and sharp objects, and claiming police are not adequately protecting them.

The Plett Ratepayers’ Association condemns this violence unreservedly.

Without question, South African society is based on the rule of law.  The first duty  of the State is to provide law and order, which means the authorities must enforce the law without fear or favour and with due regard to the Bill of Rights. What this demands in this context is that undocumented immigrants should be legalized or repatriated by the authorities.   What cannot be tolerated is vigilantism.

The council, in reducing the number of spaza shops in the townships, has to be careful lest they appear to be biased against the foreigners and condone the violence and disorder.

The Ratepayers’ Association calls on the Mayor to take immediate action to stamp out vigilantism and criminality by insisting and ensuring that the authorities step in urgently and address the situation and do what is right to restore order to Plettenberg Bay.   Otherwise, we may find ourselves at the mercy of the very warlords and criminals from whom immigrants, legal as well as illegal, have fled in fear of their lives.

Kind regards,

Peter Gaylard

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