Update on Water Restrictions for Bitou

Bitou Water Assessment Report
May 4, 2023
Bitou Ward 2 report back on disposal of land
June 5, 2023

Update on Water Restrictions for Bitou

Executive Summary on Water Restrictions for Bitou

Under normal circumstances our potable water is sourced from the Keurbooms River (primary source) with backup supply from various boreholes, a desalination plant and the Roodefontein dam. While the flow from the Keurbooms River remains currently acceptable, none of the boreholes nor the desalination plant are operational and the level of water in the Roodefontein dam has dropped to concerning levels.

The level 2 water restrictions imposed by Bitou in early April were precautionary in nature. Due to the lack of other water sources, due to theft, vandalism and maintenance issues, we are totally reliant upon the Keurbooms River.

Our Ratepayers’ engineers and water consultants have met with Bitou officials and there is total alignment on the potential seriousness of the situation. Key actions have been agreed to bring the boreholes and desalination plant back to operation as well as address the various issues pertaining to repairs and replacement of critical pumps and generator sets.

The quality of Bitou’s potable water remains excellent and is not affected by the logistical issues moving the raw water to the treatment plant.

The Mayor has committed to provide a detailed action plan and timelines and ensure that we are updated on the progress of these critical remedial actions.

In the meantime, Bitou is very vulnerable to not being able to provide water to its residents and we call on everyone to use water sparingly until we get our infrastructure back into operation and secured from theft.

Kind regards,
Steve Pattinson
Bill Alexander
Oliver Rissik

Link to Detailed Report on Water Restrictions