Statement on our Plett Ratepayers social media page

At the 25 January Bitou council meeting, an intent to file a motion of no confidence in the mayor, deputy mayor and chief whip was announced.

The Plett Ratepayers are very disappointed in Councillor Claude Terblanche of the Bitou Council for his decision to breach the coalition agreement he entered into with the DA, and in the process, to disregard the express will of the majority of Bitou voters who voted that the DA, rather than the ANC, should be the majority in Bitou Council.

At the last local election, 40% of the voters of Bitou voted for the DA, and 29% for the ANC. Councillor Terblanche has been in coalition with the DA and AUF since the election in 2021, and has been serving as Speaker.

By Councillor Terblanche, as a ward councillor for New Horizons, joining with the ANC, PA, and IPM parties, he is shifting the control to the ANC, totally disregarding the voters and putting his own interests first.

The Vote of No Confidence in the mayor, deputy mayor and chief whip is scheduled for next Friday.

Considering the horrific track record of ANC led municipalities, the plundering of Bitou by the last ANC administration and the recent demise of Knysna due to maladministration and incompetence, everyone in Bitou should be greatly concerned about the outcome of this vote of no confidence planned for next week.