Request confirmation date to receive forensic report

11 January 2020

MEC Bredell

Western Cape Department of Local Government

Dear Sir

We refer to our letters of 20 and 22 December 2019 in which we have pressed for a copy of the forensic report into crime and corruption in our Municipality. The letters, you will recall, explain why we believe that we are entitled to a copy of the report without further delay.  You seemingly take a contrary position and decline even to supply a copy of the report to the Councillors who should have received the report from the Speaker.  This stance, which is all but incomprehensible, is creating concern in the community.

In dealing with us, you have so far said no more than that you will not provide us with the report before 20 January 2020. You have given us no undertaking that the report will be given to us once the deadline expires, though we have been operating in the belief that this is indeed your position.

We can no longer leave this issue unresolved, and so must ask you to confirm in writing that, on 21 January 2020, you will provide our Association with a full copy of the forensic report in question.


Kind regards,

Peter Gaylard

Vice Chairman