Bitou Corruption Report – A Follow Up Letter

14 April 2020

Department of Local Government

Western Cape

Dear MEC Bredell,

On 14 February we provided you with a carefully crafted report on the State of Failures of Governance in Bitou. Taken alone, the picture it revealed was a most unhappy one but read in the light of your forensic report, it was very dismal indeed. We heard nothing in response. On 4 March we sent you a follow-up letter. Once again, we have heard nothing in response.

We are at a loss to understand your silence. The lockdown cannot account for it – departments of state are exempted from its provisions. It cannot be because your department is overwhelmed – a letter of acknowledgment takes only a moment to write, and communicating your decision (supposing you have taken one) is scarcely more demanding. The content of the report cannot account for it – its revelations make shocking reading. So why we ask, do we not even get the courtesy of a reply?

Since we shrink from attributing indolence to you, we can only conclude that you are simply indifferent to our concerns, serious though they are. In Knysna, faced with complaints that, if anything, were less serious, you showed no hesitation in taking legal action. Why we are left to wonder, do you elect to act so dismissively towards the residents of Plettenberg Bay?

A person in your position needs no reminding that you are the representative of our community.  You have the powers to act and we expect you to use them.

Please let us know, by return, what you propose to do. If your intention is to do nothing, at least be so good as to inform us of your decision.

Kind regards,

Peter Gaylard