Request for Letter of Assurance

Sent: 10 July 2021 10:28 AM

Municipal Manager

Bitou Municipality

Municipal Manager,

Further to the letter below, please provide us with the municipality’s assurance that no public funds are being spent, nor will they be, on current political wrangling between the parties.

Please respond within 48 hours.


Peter Gaylard


From: Plett Rate Payers
Sent: 10 July 2021 09:24 AM
To: P Mbali (; Bill Nel (
Subject: Request for Letter of Assurance


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Councillor Mbali (ANC Caucus Leader)

Councillor Nel (DA Caucus Leader)

Dear Councillors

We, the PBRRA, have been observing the ongoing litigation over the election of the Mayor and Speaker with great concern. The Municipality cannot profit from a situation in which its institutions of governance continue to be rudderless. In terms of the law, the political parties are expected to cooperate in sensible ways in order to promote the interests of the ratepayers and residents of Bitou. Constant wrangling in court can serve no legitimate purpose if, as seems to be clear, the object is to further the personal ambitions and naked avarice of Councillors and officials.  We register our protest at these machinations in the strongest possible terms.

Going beyond this, we are concerned that either the one side or the other may be using municipal funds to finance the litigation. We seek, as a matter of urgency, the formal assurance that this is not so. If you can reassure us that the municipal coffers are not being raided for the purpose, we invite you to tell us, as the representatives of residents in this municipality, precisely where you are sourcing the funds. Bland assurances within this context will simply not suffice.

Due to the inherent time pressures of this matter, please respond to the above within 48 hours.

Kind regards,

Peter Gaylard