PBRRA-Apolitical And Non-Partisan

The Plettenberg Bay Ratepayers and Residents’ Association is comprised of an Exco of volunteers, and it is important to know that each member is committed to political non-partisanship in communications and actions.  


The aim of the PBRRA’s Exco is to scrutinise, recommend and facilitate implementation of recommendations for good governance in Bitou. To that end, we are required to adhere to exercising independent judgment, holding ALL political parties equally accountable, and not favouring one over another.   


We should not be perceived as being closely aligned to any one political party, thereby compromising our impartiality.  Members may exercise freedom of choice, but may not align themselves with any party while serving as an Exco member. Within this context, nothing a councillor does or says on our town’s behalf should be held confidential, and it would be unacceptable on that basis.


With local elections imminent, the PBRRA Exco reinforces this commitment, with the resolution being passed at the 7th July Exco meeting.