Forensic Report – Bitou

6 February 2020

MEC Anton Bredell

Western Cape Department of Local Government

Dear Sir

I find it distressing that you give us no response to our letters of 20 December, 22 December, and 11 January 2020.  We represent the ratepayers and residents of Bitou and they fall within the scope of your zone of accountability. You should be answering to them, not ignoring them as you do.

Much more distressing, however, is your continued failure to provide us with a copy of the forensic report into the maladministration within Bitou. The report, which was commissioned by you in your official capacity and paid for out of taxpayers’ funds, is a matter of the greatest concern to our constituency, and the inhabitants of Bitou should be able to read it for themselves.

Most distressing of all is your refusal to supply copies of the report to the councillors from whom it is being withheld (mostly members of the very party – the DA – to which you owe your current position). You have asked councillors to comment on the report, but they obviously cannot do so unless they have a copy of it.

The problem is not a practical one: the problem is with you. We gave you the councillors’ email addresses and invited you to send them a copy of the report electronically.  You have chosen not to do this. The mayoral committee is determined to keep people in the dark, but why you should contribute to such a cover-up is beyond comprehension.

Please do us the courtesy of replying to our letters and, in doing so, explain why you so resolutely refuse to disseminate the report.

Kind regards,

Peter Gaylard



Cc:  Premier Alan Winde