Statement from mayor Lobese in Mayco agenda document

30 January 2020

Dear Mayor Lobese

In the Mayco agenda pack, you are reported in terms that call for a response from us.

You say: ‘ expressed his shock that the Ratepayers were apparently going round to communities to highlight wrongdoings in the municipality and the subsequent message circulating that there should be a mobilization to remove the Mayor from office.’

You are right to say that we are ‘highlighting wrongdoings in the municipality.’ This is our function and, despite your expressions of shock, we shall continue to perform our role without fear or favour. There is, we regret to say, plenty of wrongdoing to highlight. Rest assured, however, that we are not targeting you for removal from office.  Our concern is not with you specifically, but with corruption, nepotism and  maladministration within the municipality. We place the spotlight on you only to the extent that, either as leader or personally, you may be responsible for such misconduct.

You say in the statement that our supposed ‘mobilization will create anarchy in this town.’ By making this remark you incite your supporters to resort to mayhem and violence. No one, least of all a mayor, should behave in this way. Your words are dangerous, and we urge you to withdraw them.


Peter Gaylard


Plettenberg Bay Ratepayers’ Association