Plett Ratepayers’ Association response to DA press release
January 15, 2021
Lonwabo Ngoqo’s appointment AGAIN found unlawful
February 16, 2021

Expenditure On Beach Fencing

The Plett Ratepayers have received several enquiries regarding beach fencing. The wasteful expenditure on fences isn’t only on the beaches…the municipality has been erecting millions of rands worth of fences all over Plett, in the townships, and at the airport for the past year or so.
We have expressed our concern to Council in our Irregular Expenditure report last November (you can read it on Having received no response from Council, on 14 January we filed a PAIA (Promotion of Access to Information Act) with Bitou Municipality for details on the tenders being awarded for fences, which we highly suspect are over-priced and not necessary.
Regarding fencing in beach areas, we are investigating whether the municipality has contravened the Environmental Protection Act of 1979 or whether their actions were legitimate under the lockdown regulations. I know Knysna has not erected fences, nor other beach towns.
If we find cause, we will report it to the Green Scorpions and also to the Department of Environmental Affairs. Perhaps the department investigating Covid expenditure abuse would also like to audit it.
As I said, the fencing is a bigger problem than just the beaches and we will keep you informed.
Peter Gaylard
📸 By: Yolande Stander